Birthday today!

No, it’s not my birthday.
Today is the 250th birthday of W.A. Mozart. He is dead of course, but his beautiful music is alive (I hope the electrical metallic so-called music doesn’t blind it out).
Most people don’t give a damn about this event, and frankly I feel that I should not care that much about it either. It’s just a corpse’s birthday, isn’t it? What makes me pay attention to it is that the next time such an event in relation to this magnificent composer will be held is 50 years later…long long time till then. Furthermore, he died from a fever of some sort at the age of 35, so his extravagant number of compositions in this short time ought to be considered.
Well that’s to Mozart.
This blog is obviously quite empty, and I doubt anyone else apart from it’s author will have anything else to do with it. So, just to make it better, and more interesting from my view, I am going to use it to put up jokes that I like. And if you don’t like them (whoever you are), then don’t complain to me as I don’t really care…it was your choice to waste your precious time on this blog.
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