A Variation

A man went to his doctor for his normal checkup.
"So how am I, doctor?" the man asked.
"I’m sorry," the doctor replied, "You have only 3 minutes to live."
"Oh my God!!" yelled the man, and fell on the floor.
"Make that 10 seconds," said the doctor.
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2 Responses to A Variation

  1. Cleo says:

    I recognise that picture… it\’s used on our Ruse music intranet homepage. The caption was something like "Students are currently learning to do this…"
    Sounds awfully like Mr. Copeman put that up…

  2. parth says:

    Yeah, I got it from the music site on the ruse intranet. Probably was Copeman, he has that type of humour…but we never got to learn to play a violin while riding a bicycle backwards.

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