My Prrrrrrecious…..

Today I felt quite frustrated for for alot of the day.
It started from yesterday when I arrived at the music block at the end of the school day to get my violin and was confronted with the doors of the block locked up, meaning that I could not play my violin for that afternoon. ‘Oh well’ I thought to myself, ‘as string orchestra’s on tomorrow, I suppose I should look at this misfortune by the vision that it saves me from taking my violin in the morning tomorrow as it is already at school’.
And so, I arrived at string orchestra in the morning (late as always) expecting my violin in the music store room. Kapish! There was no violin! I searched my violin all around the room and could not find it. So I just reluctantly took some other violin and played it, though I could not play well at all as I kept on thinking of the whereabouts of my prrrrrecious… After orchestra I asked Mr Wong and he said he would check for if someone had accidentally taken it for Bandalism or something.
Period 3 was music, and when I went to the music block I saw in the staffroom the holy instrument (in its case of course). Mr Wong said he found it in the rehearsal room, meaning that some person had "accidentally" taken my violin and "forgot" to put it back in the "store room".
But when I went to the lecture theatre and opened the case I was horrified. My chin rest was separate from the violin! Sure, it could be put back, but seeing that someone else has partially damaged my violin…tsk tsk tsk….The chin rest keeps on falling down now and requires a fair bit of adjusting. But looking through optimism, having my violin at all is quite a relief.
 If, in the future, I see someone trespassing on my violin’s property and leaving it in a mess, then there will be such grave consequences for that person that I will not name them on this entry. He or she may only be saved if my head explodes before I can do anything.
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One Response to My Prrrrrrecious…..

  1. Cleo says:

    How unlucky. Poor violin.
    That\’s strange. Usually the music room is open after school. Maybe Wong left early.

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