Changed blog music


Yesterday, something worth saying ‘wow’ happened. I was in English first period (L1.2) and from the window in the room I could see that it was raining outside in the quadrangle….it was raining in one half of the quad and it wasn’t in the other half. The middle of the quad was the barrier between rain and no-rain! Wow! It was no optical illusion as in around 5 minutes it was raining on both sides of the quad. Wow!


The new music I have uploaded is played on the glass harmonica. The glass harmonica is basically a set of different sized glass bowls that are stacked against each otherand are rotating continously. The player puts the tips of his fingers along the rim of the bowl(s) and the slight friction between the bowl(s) causes a magical sound. The fingers have to be slightly moist otherwise it sound horrible. The glass harmonica is also worth saying wow too. Wow!



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