Another lame joke

What does mozart do now that he is dead? He decomposes.
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4 Responses to Another lame joke

  1. Cleo says:

    That\’s nearly as bad as the joke Browning told us, which was more or less the same except it was like "You know how there\’s \’di-di-di-daaa\’ (Beethoven\’s fifth symphony). What\’s \’daaa-di-di-di\’? Beethoven decomposing. "
    We were like, (forced laughter) ha… ha…

  2. parth says:

    the only thing that lame jokes are worth laughing at is their lameness (mr Browning probably disagrees with me though). perhaps when humans will run out of funny jokes they will have no choice but to resort to these types of \’jokes\’…

  3. Leo says:

    These kinds of jokes can actually be really funny… if you\’re in the right mood.

  4. parth says:

    I suppose so.

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