I had just come back from Parramatta with my parents at around 5 when my mum noticed something small and colourful walking shyly on a small section of concrete in the front of my house. What was this little thing moving about? It was none other than: a parrot.


This parrot appeared as if it was unable to fly as all it attempts to reach the sky ended just as futile flapping. It also appeared as if it was missing some feathers and was shivering a little in the cool breeze. Taken away by its helplessness (it was not an adult) and the possibility of it being eaten by one of my neighbour’s cat, we decided to take care of it until we felt it was ready to go alone. So my dad put a hanky around his wrist and tried to coax the bird onto the back of his wrist. After some struggle, he was finally able to get it onto the handkerchief. It tooted a bit, but that was existent before it was on my dad’s wrist anyway. So my dad carefully took it through the house to the outdoor sunroom at the back. The sunroom is guarded by a flyscreen all around being an ideal place for this creature. So we let it go and amble around the room and in this time my mum put some soaked bread on a plate for it to eat (it was pecking at my dad’s hanky before hinting it was hungry). And it ate with pleasure. It nibbled for some time then went away for a bit, then came back and nibbled more. The sun was fading fast, so we wanted to know if its mother was looking for it but could find no desperate bird around.


Then my dad heard some muttering from one of my neighbour’s house (not the one with the cat). My neighbours actually have a pet parrot of their own which they did not buy, but found cold and deserted on the ground when they went for a walk one day. It seemed possible that my neighbours had ‘lost’ their pet and they were looking for it. We asked them if they had lost one of their family members and it turns out they did (i.e. the parrot). We returned their parrot, glad that it was back where it should be, and they explained to us that the bird seed they were feeding the parrot made the parrot lose feathers and so on the vet’s advice they changed the feed from today. The bird went missing only about half an hour ago so it was lucky we had found it. If we had not gone out today and come back home at the right time then the bird would probably have wondered off to our other neighbour’s house or even further and no one would know about its whereabouts. Even worse, it may have gotten eaten by the cat next doors. But fate had it otherwise.


There’s to the parrot. Perhaps this parrot’s long lost cousin will stroll into my garden some day…



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2 Responses to Parrot-h

  1. Rohan says:

    if that was a "recount" in school youd get top marks

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