Musikalisches Würfelspiel

Mozart’s Dice Game:
Mozart’s Dice Game again (another site but more interactive):
Genießen Sie!
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2 Responses to Musikalisches Würfelspiel

  1. Cleo says:

    Interesting game. I do vaguely recall hearing about this game but I never really knew what it was about.
    I know it technically is "composing" – that is, combining things to form something new, but if you ask me, I\’d prefer composing from scratch. Not to say that this game wouldn\’t be interesting if you had the spare time.

  2. parth says:

    Composing from scratch is definitely innovative and almost purely original. The beauty of the dice game is that a person without much musical knowledge can achieve distinct musically sensible melodies within seconds, considering the magnificent number of combinations of measures possible.  

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