QM Skit

Mr W: Quantum mechanics is a real Bohr.
Mr X: How dare you say that! It just shows you are as thick as a Planck!
Mr Y: Oh Shut Up! Stop Bragg-ing about your knowledge Mr X!
Mr X: Hey, you step out of this. You’re just jealous of the abilities I was Born with.
Mr Y: Why you!
(All three fight)
Mr Z: Guys, cut it out! I’ll call the Paulice if you don’t stop fighting!
Mr A: Just being Curieous, aren’t you a Paulice officer?
Mr Z: No no. It seems my uniform has made me a Feyn-man
(Girl comes by, Mr A offers flower to girl)
Girl: Fer-mi?
Mr A: Yes, if you A-Laue me to give it to you.
Mr B: Hey, I’m her fiance! You’re just a Neuman.
Mr A: We’ll see who’s the Neuman. Bring it on!
(Mr A and B start fighting)
(Mr W, X and Y start fighting with Mr A and B for no reason)
(Mr Z joins in for no reason either)
Random terrorist: To complement I shall blast this Bohm. Muhahaha!
(All die)
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