Einstein@Home user of the day!

I got this email today:


You’ve been chosen as the Einstein@Home user of the day!
Your profile will be featured on the Einstein@Home website for the next 24 hours.”

In 2005 I signed up to the Einstein@Home program that according to their site “uses your computer’s idle time to search for weak astrophysical signals from spinning neutron stars (often called pulsars) using data from the LIGO gravitational-wave detectors, the Arecibo radio telescope, and the Fermi gamma-ray satellite. Einstein@Home volunteers have already discovered about fifty new neutron stars, and we hope to find many more”. Being part of Einstein@Home just requires downloading a free software called BOINC, available on the website.

Apparently my profile has been with them all these years, of which I did initially donate a little computer time, and I’ve been randomly selected to be on their website. It’s like being part of a lottery that you never knew…


Visualising Narrow Chance

As my profile shows my interests haven’t changed much since I was 13.

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3 Responses to Einstein@Home user of the day!

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    This is amazing program and community to be a part of. Who knows what others neutron stars can be discovered out there with the power of our computers. Maybe something else can be discovered too, like a family of starts at some point. Very, very cool. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

    • helloparth says:

      Greetings, yes everyone should get involved. Their ‘long-term goal is to make the first direct detections of gravitational-wave emission from spinning neutron stars. ‘.

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